Tribes, tribe unions and states in territory of front ASIA (IN III-II MILLENIUMS B.C)
Front Asia in 1st half of I millennium b. c
State of Manna (IX-VII centuries b. c)
State of Mada (Mydia) (Last quarter of 7th century b. c- mid of 6th century b.c)
Albaniya in III century b. c – Albaniya e.ə III əsrdə
Atropatena within State of the Sasani (III – VII centuries)
Albania in the earlier V-VIII centuries
Arran and Azerbaijan within Arab Caliphate
The Khurremi movement (Later VIII century – first half of IX century)
Azerbaijan in second half of IX century – X century
Azerbaijan in XI century – mid of XII century
State of the Eldeniz (1136-1225)
Azerbaijan in XIII - XIV centuries
Azerbaijan in XV century
Azerbaijan in XVI century
Azerbaijan State of Safavids in XVI-XVII centuries
Azerbaijan in XVII century
Occupation of Northern Azerbaijan by Russia of Czar
map of 1900 year
map of 1903 year
Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918 - 1920)
Map of Azerbaijan Republic